Despite growing up on perseverance and government cheese- I was taught to believe just about anything is possible with grit and grace.

I have lived through some wildly different acts in my 5 decades..  

From corporate handcuffs to running my own business for a decade, to recently deciding to rewrite it all to slow down, make art & create meaningful experiences for myself & others 

I now spend half of my time on a 30-acre micro-farm in the middle of the forest in the NC mountains. Some days hardly recognizing the woman whose biggest aspiration was to run a PR firm. #thanksbutnothanks LOL 

In some ways-none of this fits together or makes any sense to some.
And. that okay. ( It doesn't need to make sense to anyone else but you in what you find meaningful and beautiful either.)

Except-it all does. 

My most powerful work combines my journalism background, corporate savvy, and artist’s creativity to celebrate’ beautiful & meaningful.’ Whether that is creating abstract landscape art, powerful portraits of women for their life/business, hosting intimate retreats, or working with other women one-on-one so they too can combine their ‘meaning & money.’  

Now, I simply have two physical places to do this.

My sweet little studio in Charlotte NC, Bungalow 1325, and our feral 30-acres in the NC mountain retreat: Wildhaven. 

Life. She is a delightful surprise some days. If you would have told me even 5 years ago this is the life I’d design–I may have thought you half as crazy as others currently think I am

But-I like to think it is the ‘ good crazy’.

Are you “good crazy”, too? Then let’s create something meaningful and beautiful together shall we?


“ I heard a woman becomes herself the first time she speaks without permission then, every word out of her mouth a riot.. ”

Denise Frohman



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