fine art

As a professional photographer for over a decade there were certain aspects of my art I could dream of– but in some cases could not translate things I envisioned in camera only without digital manipulation. (like the ethereal softness or guazey movement ) 

In 2019-I began to combine ‘painting with fire’ (encaustic painting) and my photographs and was able to begin creating what I could only before envision in my head.

My work focuses on abstracting landscapes and telling powerful stories of women–many times together in a single piece using photographs, fire-heated waxes, texturizing elements (like tissue and pottery tools) depicting movement, energy and peace. 

Proudly selected for artpop 2019

I am proud to have been selected as one of 10 ArtPop Artists in 2019 whose art was displayed throughout the city on billboards, marquis, and buildings all over Charlotte, NC for an entire year.
Though the original sold to an amazing (local!) collector. I am offering fine art limited edition prints with 100% of the proceeds going to the ’Share Your Fearless’ Fund which grants a deserving woman an empowering photographic experience. 

 Societal Expectations

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This piece is the second in a series created in my first year after acquiring our 30 acres in the NC mountains. Everyday day–a small glint of light reflects through the trees that lead up to our cottage– for me: freedom and peace. 

Becoming Feral II

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