An artists retreat on a ranch in Wyoming where wide open spaces made room for inspiration and art-making-and a week on wild hair on horseback

A slowed walk on rocky beach-breathing in iced, salty air– kept warm and dry by the provided rain jacket and muck boots ending in one of the best meals in my lifetime

A laugh-filled evening of local cheese and wine while cross-legged, perched on kitchen countertops in sweatpants with a few dear friends who had each brought something to share

For me, life has always been about experiences that heighten senses, expose you to something new, and leave an impact on a soul. Where everything, whether ‘accidentally’ or intentionally planned to perfection- felt ‘thought of’ and meaningful and beautiful-this is what I hope to create for others. 


For over a decade, I have worked with women photographing them in a way meant to reflect the very best of them back to themselves -creating both a beautiful experience crafted just for them and creating art for their websites & walls reminding them of their magic.

In recent years-these experiences evolved in physical spaces-a sweet little femine-focused bungalow for fellow creatives and brides and a 30-acre forest retreat meant as a place to connect with both nature, yourself or significant other.

Now, with soon-to-be shared intimate events & Retreats- I will continue to combine all of the very best of in my love of experiences. (think highly experiential dinners in the NC mountains in a wildflower field and women’s retreats that will leave both feeling contentment and invincibility.) 


Join me in an ongoing quest to become utterly feral and free while running multiple businesses and attempting (and sometimes failing) to create a life I am proud to lead...while encouraging others to do the same.   (And of course, be the first to know about amazing art, events & experiences meant to leave you breathless from how they make you feel. )

beauty/inspiration with a side of snark?

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