Woman in glasses laughing with hair blowing back

Fearless Found- Meet Hilary Porta (Charlotte Empowered Portraits-Branding)

Aug 20, 2019

They call her the “velvet hammer”- delivering needed advisement and assisting women in ‘architecting the lives of their dreams’

Badass, unapologetic, conqueror.

…but these titles did not always come so easily.

Up close portrait of woman in glasses

After surviving a ‘war of the roses’-style divorce. (Some days feeling like the fetal position was the best choice.) Hilary began to channel the boldness she has always had and to again thrive!

She developed a deep knowledge of “roundedness” and the understanding that brokenness can be beautiful. (And, eventually meeting her now husband–and soulmate.)

Ian, (Hilary’s husband) describes her at her very best as full-on laughing, giggling- big smile. He proudly declares a “connector” and adores how she ” makes friends with the world” and calls this her calling! (and what allows her to help other women) “

And helping other women she has. This year, she re-branded a portion of her business, H. Porta: Life Architect, to focus on women seeking to fall more in love with their lives as another way to do so.

Hilary likes to make a difference–in work, and life. Her goal is to make an impact.

Through her Empowered Portraits Experience, we celebrated the bold, unapologetic woman she is so she would have photographs to remind her everyday of this -and so future clients can connect with her true self via her branding photographs long before they even meet her.

Hilary wants women to know there is life after ‘broken.’

…and we think she is walking proof.

Happy woman at desk
Woman walking on city sidewalk
Woman fixing glasses at desk
Glamorous woman on city sidewalk
Glamorous woman on staircase
Contemplative woman on city sidewalk
Woman in glasses laughing with hair blowing back

Photographer: BlueSky Photo Artists/Find My Fearless Project

Client: Hilary Porta, H. Porta

Hair and Makeup: Hello Gorgeous Beauty Lounge

Location: Plaza Midwood/Bungalow 1325


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