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Introducing: Mother Daughter Legacy Sessions

Apr 28, 2020

We see you momma.

Personifying the importance of being both soft and strong.

We see you teaching kindness, patience, and love for them and others.

Now let us help show you the amazing job you are doing while celebrating the unique connection a mama has with her daughter. 

I am the one they look up to—who they want to be when they are women.  I also get to show them that while they look up to me—they in no way have to be me. (Who they are becoming is even better.)  -I wanted to show them that. I take my unique role in their lives very seriously. Why not celebrate it?”

-Corrie Fewell

“My oldest: has more heart and kindness than I have ever seen.  They deserve to see these amazing parts of themselves reflected back.Beautiful and strong—because that is who they are.

And, who I am too. 

We celebrated all of this-together.”

-Corrie Fewell

“My tiny one—she is a fire-cracker.  She knows what she wants and will accept no less—at four years old. I want to remind of that-always.”

-Corrie Fewell

“The relationship a mother has with her daughter (while just as beautiful and unique) is markedly different than the connection she has with her entire family—and just as deserving of being celebrated.  

-Corrie Fewell

Want to celebrate your strength, softness and connection with your daughters? Apply here!

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