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Clarity and Quiet: A Letter from Cass

Apr 5, 2021

(Tap. tap. tap: Yep-I’m still here.)  

Have you been able to hear me though I’ve been quiet?   

Truth be told, I have been feeling less than “fearless” or any example of “living loud” –so I have mostly remained quiet.  

After a year (and some change) of lessons for the record books. -A year of being tested on every level,  not only as an entrepreneur & artist.

But also:  
As a leader.
As a partner.
As a friend.
As a human. 

Tested on health. On finances. On trust.
On who and what I really stand for.  

It’s been a rapid-fire season of ends and beginnings. 

It’s been humbling. It’s been painful. It’s also been joyful. Mostly…it has been freeing AF. 

May I tell you a secret?  

UNRAVELING is magic. (…stay tuned. Let’s just say I have in fact become feral and I’m about to prove it;-)  

In the short term, know this: Though 2021 is bringing about swift, gates-wide-open-changes,  these truths remain the same:

My dedication to empowering women & telling their stories

My love for creating art and being surrounded by ‘beautiful’

My desire to bring amazing women togetherMy never-ending fascination with owning land (stay tuned with crossed fingers..)

My utter craving for travel & (peaceful) adventure

My astounding ability to collect wayward animals (Have I mentioned we adopted 3 new chickens and we live in the city?) 

I’m also adding something quite new for me.  More opportunities for ‘quiet’ (I believe I just heard my husband snort. -It’s metaphorical dear…) 
-for alignment and ease.  To not ‘run-all-the-shows’ and always be the one driving  ‘bigger, better, stronger and faster.’ 

To just BREATHE more.  

Perhaps this ‘still-badass-but-not-committing-to-the-hustle-till-it-hurts’ sounds nice to you too?   (While still making moves and impact in the world, of course.) If so–stay tuned. Shit is about to get even more real.

(If you would like to check out a few bit of the ‘magic in-between the muck’ we have been up to until we meet again: (click below)  #becomingferal 

Cheers to much love and epic adventures,
empowering women charlotte


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